July 11, 2007

Continuing To The Other Side Of The Lake

Another contribution photo from SWC. Yesterday I mentioned there was a small lake and a small pond that make of Pike Lake. This I believe is the small lake portion. I know your asking, how can one tell the difference between a lake and a pond? To find the answer, head over to Minnetonkascenes and answer six questions, add your total and you'll have your answer. Looking closely at the photo, I see docks and boats. This has to be a lake. enjoy!

My 5 Daily Photo Favorites:
Montego Bay, Jamaica
Moscon, Russia
San Diego, California
Chicago, Illinois
Joplin, Missouri


Kate said...

A lovely peaceful view and a great photo!

Denton said...

Yes, this looks like a lake ... Very inviting.

Curly said...

Lovely photograph today!

South Shields Daily Photo

~tanty~ said...

Oh, this is beautiful!

Janet said...

So calm and clear. I continue to be impressed at all the lakes up there.

Rad Brad said...

Nice reflection and framing! Great photo!