July 24, 2007

High Atop The Highest Hill

The Cathedral sits on the highest point in St Paul so it can be visible for miles. I'm at a very low vantage point for this photo, but I really like this shot because of the road leading in the direction of the Cathedral. I know the road doesn't directly go to the chapel, but it gives the illusion that it does.

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don said...

nice shot. Like the view you giving us of St Paul. It looks like a friendly place. That white building what's that..??

Anonymous said...

An amazing photograph. The cathedral seems to fit in the photo of different colors and shapes and things. I wonder how many different things one could count in any photo?

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Unknown said...

I have always wanted to shoot this at night. Do you have any night shots of this?

Steve Cuddihy said...

At present, I have no night shots of the cathedral. It's on my list of places to shoot at night.