July 3, 2007

Floaters And Drifters

As I wrote in yesterday's daily photo entry, I would post a photo from the tip of Raspberry Island. To answer a question: No, there are no raspberry bushes on the island. The island used to be called Navy Island, but in this politically correct world we live in, the city planners thought a festive name would sound better than anything to do with the military. Thus the happy and joyful Raspberry Island.

Sorry for that little tangent. Out on the tip of Raspberry Island is the collection of river drift wood. I've always wondered if the logs I see floating down the river ever end up in the Gulf Of Mexico? There is nearly 100 river dams along the way, how would they make through each dam? But where do the collect if they miss this island? I'd like to have a tracking device on a piece of driftwood and see where it ends up some day. Another tangent....

My 3 Daily Photo Favorites:
Barcelona, Spain
Riga, Latvia
Novara, Italy


Anonymous said...

What a gold mine that pile of wood would be. I suppose someday things like this will not exist as even the logs on the bottoms of rivers and lakes are already being harvested as trees in forests are becoming scarce. I like your photo. It is a reminder of things to come.

Abraham Lincoln
How Flowers Disappear—

lv2scpbk said...

Nice photo. I thought maybe it was a logging place at first until I read your post.

Steve Buser said...

I think I saw one floating past New Orleans just yesterday. Will probably be at the mouth of the Mississippi right now. I recognized it because of the tracing device :))

julia said...

Try canoeing, what a journey, after all, some cross the seas in a canoe. Found you as a result of theme day , thanks, Happy July 4!

Steve Cuddihy said...

So they are using the tracking devices on the floating river logs. Who knew?

Thanks all for the feedback.