July 9, 2007

So Long Old Friend

This week I said goodbye to my vehicle. It's been almost two weeks now that I was struck from behind while on my way to work. I had stopped for a vehicle turning left, I heard tires screech and then realized it was me who had been hit. It was a multi car crash, a van hit a car and then hit my car that was stopped. Looking at the photo, it doesn't look that bad. However what you cannot see is the frame on the left side of the car is badly damaged. Too much in repair cost, so the insurance has decided to total my car unfortunately. I'm still working on a vehicle replacement, but I'm sad to see this car go.

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Fabrizio Zanelli said...

I agree, It's always sad to have to replace a car when you didn't plan to do it.

Elaine in the World said...

Strange coincindence indeed. But easier for me, because in my case the house demolition was entirely volutary, but you certainly didn't choose the fate of your car. sounds like you had a fondness for it. Funny the attachment we have to things like that. Good luck with the search.

Z said...

Well, I hope you have some fun shopping for your next one.

Jilly said...

I recently sold my 16 year old car and now have a brand spanking new one and I really miss my old one - haven't got used to the new one yet...so I understand.

Hope you enjoy your new one - you probably don't have as many tiny windy roads to drive up and down as me, so getting used to a new one will be easier for you, she said - foot on brake!

NorthBayPhoto said...

Hopefully your insurance will cover the cost of a replacement vehicle.

Too bad this photo cost so much to take!

Kate said...

What a shame, but so glad you were not hurt!