July 6, 2007


Farwell, Ozmun, Kirk & Co. was a harware wholesaler located in St. Paul, just south of downtown and across the Mississippi River. They sold all types of hardware and used tradenames such as Chispa Bicycles, Farwell Arms, F.O.K and Company, etc. The building was built in 1911, and is commonly known as the 'FOK Building'. FOK did their part to help during both World Wars by manufacturing ammunition and transporting it via the railroad that ran alongside the north end of the warehouse. The building was sold to ACVR in 1982 and is currently being rented out to various tenants.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like a huge space inside. I wonder what will eventually happen to it?

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Annie said...

FOK didn't have a relationship with those Fokker planes I've heard about, did they? Worle War I?

Steve Cuddihy said...

This building is in St Paul, they usually tear things down once they get old and build something new in it's place. Unless it gets put on a Historical Society list, if someone wants to build something there, it's 99% sure the new building will go up.

oldtowntradesman said...

Hi Steve -- I found this page today while researching the Farwell Ozmun Kirk Co. You had a nice picture of the Warehouse back in 2007. I'm curious if you have any information on when the company closed? I saw that the warehouse sold in 1982. I'm doing a bit of research on the company out of my personal interest in history, and simply am not finding a lot of information on it online.