June 26, 2006

Just Throw On Some New Paint

Was surprised to see this run down apartment building looking rather good. Amazing what a coat of paint will do to a building that looked like it had been in a previous war zone. It has a new historic plaque that says the building was built in 1883. It doesn't look too bad these days from what I can remember it looking like. It's on the corner of Ohio Street and George Street in St Paul.


Kate said...

Haven't gone by there for awhile, and the building looks good! There used to be a wonderful Méxican restaurant there years ago (30?)when there were few ethnic restaurants around town. Good shot!

Steve Cuddihy said...

I lived in this area growing up. When I was very young I can recall some type of business there. I thought it was an office of some sort, I would have never know it was a restaurant that was there at one time.