June 23, 2006

Quite An Overhaul

I was trying to find a photo of this intersection from 10-15 years ago, but I'm not finding anything on the interwebs that is pre-yellow paint. This used to be Concord and State intersection, not sure when that changed. Just south of downtown St Paul, this area on the West Side is quite unique. Lots of Mexican themed stores and the community in this area are well supportive of the heritage.

This entire area has been so improved, this one photo doesn't do it justice. It was quite run down when from when I can first recall living in this area. It is a very beautiful neighborhood now. For restaurants in the area, Boca Chica is highly recommended. The El Burrito Mercado grocery store in this photo has been here for quite a while. It looks like they have expanded from what I remember plus Cherokee Bank is now in the building. I certainly will have to revisit this area when I get the time for more photos.

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Steve Cuddihy said...

If you ever return to this part of St Paul, you will NOT recognise this area. The streets are still the same, but this entire area has gone over a major facelift. If you recall the appartments on Concord avenue, they have been torn down and there are now town homes in the lots. So many new businesses and remodeling jobs on the buildings.

There is still the Cozy Cantina which is still probably the only place in that area you wouldn't want to be after dark.

The West Side is dear to my heart as it is my old stomping grounds growing up, so there will be more photos of this area.