June 21, 2006

Zig Zag Chris Cross

The view from inside cover of the metrodome in downtown Minneapolis. The view the cameras rarely show, unless they are heading out to a commercial break. It will be sad to see the Twins move to a new outdoor stadium. Wait, reverse that, my error, I can't wait for them to leave the indoors and move to the outdoor stadium. I wasn't a big fan of using tax payers dollars to fund the new place, yet I wasn't a fan of the dome either.

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Steve Cuddihy said...

UofM football are getting a new stadium in 2008? The Twins get their outdoor stadium in 2010 I believe. Vikes are still in the dome, but perhaps next session they will get rid of that terrible ball field. They were close to passing a stadium for all three, but fell short in the end for the purple.