June 27, 2006

Two On The Runaway Train

When the traffic is bad on 494 crossing the Mississippi River, I take an alternate route. Sometimes this works against me if there is a crossing train. When I snapped this shot, I saw the lights flashing red and the engine approaching and I had to stop and wait for the train to pass. As I was waiting, I saw something that looked like people sitting on the train. Sure enough it was two guys sitting up front on the slowly moving train. Lucky for me the train was only pulling two cars that day. The great news was I had my camera with me for this shot. Was shooting into the sun and wasn't sure how good the photo would turn out as I had to adjust the settings as quick as possible. I took the photo and waved as they passed.


Kate said...

Love trains!

Marie McC said...

Oh, the Union Pacific. This brings back memories! When I was a child, my father was an engineer for Northwestern Pacific. Our house was a mile from the railroad tracks, and sometimes when I heard the train whistle, I knew it was my dad!