June 3, 2006

On The Other Side

Right across the street from the building in the post below is their other building. Painted not quite as bold, but considering the size of the two buildings, they did a find job of blending the two buildings. Interesting enough, the two buildings are only painted on the back side. From the front of the buildings and the other two sides, they are as normal as can be. Who says one needs to advertise to get some attention? This is the ultimate attention getter.


Amy Jo said...

Steve - Where is that located?

Also, I wanted to thank you so much for your pictures, I am so homesick for MN. I was born and raised in the Twin Cities but I moved away about 12 years ago... and I miss it so. We are working on trying to relocate but it has been a looong process! Until then, your photos keep a smile on my face! THANK YOU!

Steve Cuddihy said...

Any photo requests? Something you want to see a photo of another time?

Amy Jo said...

I really enjoyed your photo taken of the view from Smith Avenue in the West Side/Cherokee Heights neighborhood. I have fond memories of Mendota Heights, Highland Park and Eagan where I spent my childhood and teenage years. So if you are ever in those areas, they are near and dear to my heart. Your Daily Photo is awesome, thanks for your service! :)