June 6, 2006

Quick Shot

Photo of the Cathedral in St Paul. The fact that this photo turned out is amazing. It was taken while driving on Interstate 94 between St Paul and Minneapolis. I was driving, my wife who took the photo was in the passenger seat. She took the photo through my window and the result was very good. You can see part of my vehicle in the upper right.


Amy Jo said...

The new dome looks wonderful, but I miss the blue-green of the old, tarnished copper.

Steve Cuddihy said...

Growing up seeing the blue-green dome was actualy how I thought it was made. I had no idea it had tarnished over the years. The repair top looks so unnatural to me and to you as well.

Amy Jo said...

I agree completely. I did not know that it was originally copper either, I thought it was supposed to be blue until they replaced it a few years ago! :)

I am gradually getting used to the copper dome as my memories of the one I grew up with fade. It does look particularily nice so close to the MN History Museum.